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Patio with 2 modern chairs and water feature
... creating your dream garden. Our professional landscapers will create beautiful and innovative garden designs.

Garden Construction - Landscape & Design Services

At Goscote Design Practice we are committed to turning your design into reality, using high quality materials and skilled landscapers to create a unique and functional garden for you to enjoy. By paying close attention to detail, our work for domestic schemes is of a high professional standard, and gives a tailored service to your specific requirements.

Goscote Design Practice is fully accredited by the Association of Professional Landscapers, (further details can be found at Our membership of APL ensures that you will receive high quality landscaping with the assurance that we have the relevant skills and experience to meet your needs. As a company, we are also fully committed to supplying our clients with ethically sourced natural stone.

Lighting, water features, and sculpture are often an integral part of our designs, and as such we are able to specify and source most products, services, or bespoke items for outside spaces. This includes sculpture, water features, furniture, outdoor structures and any unusual materials.
Our skilled team of landscapers are able to complete most aspects of the building process, however, more specialist services, such as tree surgery and electrical installation, are out-sourced to hand-picked professionals. This ensures that the gardens we build are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also highly functional. The duration of a build will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project and other variables such as weather and material availability, but we are usually able to give you a fairly accurate estimate upon timescales at the beginning of your build.
The construction process is overseen at all times by a landscape manager to ensure that the building process runs as smoothly as possible.
We are also able to offer a stand-alone landscaping service, allowing separate areas of your space to be reinvented with the minimum of disruption. Please contact us for further details of this service.
Stone wall curving round a tree on a driveway
Modern front garden with turfed area and gravel and paved path

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